Wednesday, December 14, 2005

That's What I Meant to Say

My Dad on Blogging:

". . . data is not intelligence, words are not wisdom. But, all things must be tried in the great flux of eternal ferment-- a sort of divine promiscuity, a bacchanale, a dionysian epidemic."


Poetics 101

So, I've been thinking:

"I can see how quickly I will forget to post anything of interest on this site."
"Why is that?" you might ask.
"Well, see, I'm supposed to be writing all the time, so the opportunity to do so online where all my friends and family can be amazed by my genius seems somehow redundant."
"Hm. Bit stuck up, aren't you?"
"A bit, yes, I think so."

And then I started thinking:

"Well, maybe people use their blogs as a sort of therapy - you know, like how all young writers think writing poetry is the best way to unload their burdened souls."
"Yeah - I hate that."
"Me too, down to my deep, deep black hole of a soul."
"Oh, stop. You're so catty."
"Yeah, but that's why we're such good friends, no? Anyway, I don't have anything to be particularly anxsty about. I mean, I didn't even break out into shingles ONCE this semester."
"Hmmmm . . . clearly, you're not a real arteest or tortured writer, willing to give up food, even shelter, for the sake of your art."
"Yeah, um, about that . . ."
"See, I don't think all artists - literary or otherwise - have to be miserable drunks, manic depressives, plain old depressed, or otherwise unstable. Take, for instance, e.e. cummings -"
"Oh not THIS example again,"
"YES, this example again. I'll just remind you that he had a perfectly respectable marriage, and grew up in a stable, happy, middle-class family. And yet . . ."
"Yes, yes: 'and yet, he's one of the most quoted poets in history, and is studied in classrooms to this day.'"
"Hm. And I'M the catty one."

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


An·i·ma, n. 1. soul; life 2. (in the psychology of C.G. Jung) a. the inner personality that is turned toward the unconscious of the individual (in contrast with persona). b. the feminine principle esp. as present in men (contrasted with animus). [L: lit., that which blows (i.e. wind) or is breathed (i.e. air)]

From the breath of my thoughts to the air of your eyes, the anima is the thing. Is it the cause?

n. 2. purpose; intention; animating spirit. [L: soul, feeling, spirit, courage, passion, wrath; akin to ANIMA]

A friend gave me a pouch with three giant sequoya seeds in it when I left home.

n. 1. an idea next to another idea that gives the larger thought its anima, shows us the animus.

Great Big Things are to Such Small Beginnings
as Sequoya Seeds are to _________?
A) Tahitian Pearls
B) Chocolate Truffles
C) Jillian

So, when I write I wonder:
What small beginning begun?
What greater things come forth,
will be expected.